1. Знакомства Aralkis says:

    Anteriorly the dorsal channel forms a network above the alimentary canal from the sixth to the first segment. It is not known whether the eyes are able to form images of external objects; probably they can distinguish light from darkness and enable the leech to locate the direction of the source of light. CUMZ 26 specimens. The terminal ganglionic mass is a large ovoid body composed of seven pairs of ganglia fused together, each pair belonging to a segment of, the sucker. It opens to the exterior through a mid-ventral female genital aperture in the second annulus of eleventh segment.

  1. Hirudinaria common name Maum says:

    In preserved specimens, body length mm, width mm. Hirudo luzoniae Kinberg, Sangues Medicinales. Each end of the body of leech bears a hollow muscular organ, the sucker. Caylon [Sri Lanka]. PMID  

  1. Hirudinaria common name Gomi says:

    Nephridiopores are absent in this region. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology It is thicker slightly on the dorsal surface than on the ventral surface. Volume 1 Longman, Green, London, pp. Hidden categories: The two suckers are primarily meant for adhesion and locomotion. It has no excretory function but manufactures coelomic corpuscles of the haemocoelomic system. In feeding the leech applies its oral sucker to the skin of its victim, the jaws move towards and away from each other, they painlessly puncture the skin, pump-like action of the pharynx sucks in large quantities of blood to fill the crop, secretion of hirudin prevents coagulation of blood.

  1. Hirudinaria common name Kajizilkree says:

    Hirudinea of North America. From the brain, peri-pharyngeal connectives one on either side of the pharynx arise and join a sub-pharyngeal ganglionic mass lying below the pharynx in the fifth segment, this is formed by fusion of four pairs of ganglia. Hirudo medicinalis ADW: The ventral channel, like the dorsal channel, has non-contractile thin wall being made of connective tissue and coelomic epithelium. The undigested food, if any, is stored temporarily in rectum and egestion occurs through the anus. CUMZ 28 specimens.

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