All such appeals have been consolidated for purposes of review.And, in the absence of any statute regulating this matter, there can be no doubt as to the power of the court to prevent such improper use of its records.

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The bifurcation hearing, moreover, produced a wealth of evidence.The more publicity Defendant receives in the setting of this action, the more likely it becomes that he and his family will be subjected to some form of harassment.

South Florida Wealth Managers. We serve the needs of ultra-high net worth families in South Florida through.Texas, 381 U.S. 532, 589, 85 S.Ct. 1628, 1663, 14 L.Ed.2d 543, 584 (1965) (Harlan, J., concurring).Harold Katz, 92, died Wednesday at the Elmora Hills Nursing Home in Elizabeth, N.J. Graveside services will be conducted Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Beth David Memorial.We reverse and remand to permit the trial court to determine whether good cause exists for closing the hearings.Celebrity Net Worth Richest Celebrities, Celebrity Wealth, Salary, Homes, Cars, Yachts.On April 6, 1981, Barbara instituted an action for divorce, asserting, as well, claims for economic relief.David Hoffstein, Philadelphia, for appellant in Nos. 1730-1733 and for appellee in No. 1457.

Harold and Barbara entertained often and lavishly, traveled extensively, and purchased a thirty-five room mansion, maintained by a full-time domestic staff.

March 31, 1991. which included an ugly battle with owner Harold Katz that left both parties bloodied and muddied. Guestbook

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So that its order may be reviewed on appeal, however, the trial court must state its reasons for the action which it takes.She is the founder and director of the Fountain Gallery, established in Portland to.The United States Supreme Court has held that the right of marital privacy is within the penumbra of the specific guarantees of the Bill of Rights. Griswold v.

In the meantime, Katz had filed a petition to bifurcate the request for divorce from the economic claims.The trial court concluded that it had been divested of discretion by the decision of the Court of Appeals of the Third Circuit in Publicker Industries, Inc. v. Cohen, 733 F.2d 1059 (3d Cir. 1984) and ordered that the hearings be held in an open courtroom accessible to the public.New, 13 comments. But the real disappointment comes from Harold Katz, who was running the show at the time.Stocker, 313 Pa.Super. 332, 337, 459 A.2d 1255, 1258 (1983).Harold Katz and Barbara Katz were married on August 27, 1974.We hold, therefore, that divorce hearings are the type of proceedings which courts may close to protect the rights of the parties.If review of the present order is postponed until after the final order of equitable distribution has been made, any information obtained from the hearings and made public will not be subject to recall, and the claimed right of privacy will have been lost.However, the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, in a pretwentieth century decision, discussed this qualified, common law right of access in the context of domestic relations cases as follows.

Because he has not expressly said so and also because he has made no specific findings, however, we cannot be certain.


Section 305(b) permits the trial judge in his or her discretion to discharge or make the rule absolute.It would therefore appear that the Plaintiff has not been prejudiced in any manner.The fine art work of photographer Howard Schatz is seen in museums and photography galleries internationally.In the present case, the trial judge had presided over the litigation following its inception in 1981 and was familiar with the background and circumstances of the parties.

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Defendant averred that continued discussion of his wealth would endanger his family.Mann, Philadelphia, for appellant in No. 1457 and for appellee in Nos. 1730-1733.Harold Tillman: Jaeger: fashion chain: 201: 244: ExLink: Bruce Wasserstein.

Marriage is a coming together for better or for worse, hopefully enduring, and intimate to the degree of being sacred.

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The facts in this case, therefore, were vastly different than the sparse testimony and bare conclusions which this Court found inadequate in Mandia v.H. Katz Capital Group and its directors have participated in many equity transactions,. triple-net basis for.


The motion was granted, after hearing, on May 30, 1985, and a decree in divorce was entered on May 31, 1985.

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The courts of Pennsylvania have adopted and followed the rule announced in Cohen v.If you are looking for the best tutor with more experience you need to pay more but it will be worth for your child.

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