I will certainly try to avoid this product as next time I may have to be hospitalized.I have always been careful with so called.sugar free. Products. It would appear I was wise to do soo.Wikipedia (organic chemistry) a disaccharide polyol used as a sugar substitute, produced.Diabetes runs in my family and finally over middle age, my metabolism gave out as well.I thought I was doing good making them last, eating approximately 6 at a.

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Sure enough, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt some hives (always in the same spot, on my right bicep.) I had the chocolate the night before.It may initially seem confusing to have all these sugar alcohols and glycemic values to remember — especially since so many food manufacturers liken all of them to having a minimal effect.Read information and comparisons of the various sugar alcohols, such as maltitol and sorbitol.Maltitol syrup is a low-carbohydrate sweetener made from maltitol, a sugar alcohol.

In addition to the usual white-flour-to-soy-flour conversion, sugar is often taken out and replaced with a sugar alcohol.

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I had similar, though not as severe incidents from other brands in the past.

Maltitol found in: Maltitol, Maltitol Solution, NF, Maltitol, Maltitol, Maltitol, also known as Amalty, is a sugar alcohol and used as a sugar.I am just going to treat myself to a tiny bit of real jelly bellys when I need them.I eat one Just Deelicious Chocolate mint bar (sold at Hi Health) every day and have had NO problems.

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To find out, I searched for the glycemic values for various sugar alcohols.

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I eat chocolate made with maltitol on a frequent basis and have never had an experience like people claim to have on here.Maltitol is a sugar alcohol that is used primarily as a dietary sweetener and also has cosmetic applications.But recently a gallbladder attact put me in ICU for 3 days and glucose was sky high along with enzymes until the third day.I found some sugar-free caramels at the Fresh Market a few days ago.Maltitol is the one you are referring to here, but Mannitol is a natural sweetener that is good for you.I just had a terrible experience with maltitol in protein bars.Well, dieting and eating a lot of whole grains naturally leads to more farting than I was used to.

Learn what other patients are saying about Aspartame and Maltitol.Maltitol is a polyol, a sugar substitute with similar bulk, texture and preservative benefits of sucrose.

I can honestly say that NEVER have I felt so sick in my entire life.

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Well, with 55% maltitol syrup I was in for one embarrassing day.My stomach has rumbled for the week I have been eating these things, so I started to get concerned about some sort of stomach complication.

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I have been eating sugar free candy every day for six months.The corn based maltitol is usually harsher on your system than the wheat based maltitol.

Most sugar free sweeteners have an unpleasant after taste, but.Its caloric value depends on several factors, as discussed in my essay.

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While artificial sweeteners, such as maltitol, may come with some advantages, they are not totally safe to eat.They can also turn and effect your eyesight and many other systems of your body.

Maltitol is an artificially produced sweetener that is a member of the sugar alcohol family.I felt as though I had overdosed on sugar and could hardly function for a day.View the nutrition for Maltitol Syrup, including calories, carbs, fat, protein, cholesterol, and more (Honeytree Natural Foods).All structured data from the main and property namespace is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License.

It should have some kind of WARNING on the label of ALL products containing this.The FDA Food Safety Division should re-evaluate and revise the warning labels on food products with maltitol.

With a taste almost identical to sugar, but with many fewer calories, maltitol can be used for.Had some last night, I felt fine, a lil gassy, but my mother felt sick.However, as with any other food, maltitol effects different people different ways.I have been using Truvia, a sweetener made with stevia and erythrotol.Welcome to the Active Low-Carber Forums Support for Atkins diet, Protein Power, Neanderthin.