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    The nephridium proper is truly excretory in function and serves to eliminate excess of water and nitrogenous waste. Some are modified as unicellular glands and others act as sense organs. It gives off two pairs of branches in each segment, the first branch or cutaneous branch divides on each side into two branches, a ventral branch going to the ventral body wall, and an abdomino-dorsal branch which passes vertically upwards to the dorsal body wall. Phu Phan, Sakon Nakhon:

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    They are large in diameter and become even larger in the posterior third of the body. Cylindrical in shape, the cells of the walls of the cylinder are pigmented and the structure is called pigment cup Fig. Ban Thatoom, Mueang, Mahasarakham: It is largest in diameter and encloses cerebral ganglia, peripharyngeal connectives and sub-pharyn­geal ganglia anteriorly and terminal gangalia posteriorly. Somite VI is triannulate but the remaining two are completely quinquannulate, i. A double ventral nerve cord, being covered in a protective sheath called neurilemma, runs along the mid-ventral line, from the sub-pharyngeal ganglionic mass to the terminal ganglionic mass lying within the posterior sucker.

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    The four channels not only communicate with each other but they form capillaries in the skin, muscles and botryoidal tissue. A crop- full of blood provides nourishment for sev­eral months.

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    In the dorsal channel there is no valve and haemocoelomic fluid flows behind forwards. Anteriorly the lateral channels break up into capillaries in fifth segment, and posteriorly they join the ventral channel. The male gonopore is single and me­dian and lies in the groove between the second and third annuli of the 10 seg­ment.

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    A jaw Fig They are free in the median axis. The leeches are also said to possess a special mechanism in their epidermis for taking in Na and CI ions to compensate those lost in the metabolism. Coelom 7. CUMZ 13 specimens. The atrium is an oval sac consists of a large anteriorly placed base and a posteriorly directed neck. Click here to view.

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    Type locality: The nephridium proper is truly excretory in function and serves to eliminate excess of water and nitrogenous waste. Khemarat, Ubon Ratchathani: The lumen of oesophagus is very narrow and its epithelial lining is produced into numerous folds. Invertebrate Systematics Siam [Thailand]. The right oviduct passes beneath the ventral nerve cord.

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    The receptors help to detect chemical changes in water. Hirudinaria bpling was basal to the Hirudinaria javanica and Hirudinaria manillensis clades. Number of salivary papillae, both small and large sizes, is 30 glands Fig. All examined specimens in this study were found by morphological analysis to belong to three distinct species within the genus Hirudinaria , and were identified as Hirudinaria javanica , Hirudinaria manillensis and an unidentified morphospecies Hirudinaria sp.

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    Hirudo maculosa Grube, Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Nephridiopores are absent in this region. The poste­rior limb of the main lobe runs forward as a stout apical lobe. Ovisacs stout, albumin gland not well developed, common oviduct short, opens into female bursa. The gonophores are situated on the ven­tral surface of the body: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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    Digestive System of Earth Worm. It is the bigger part of the nephridium. With the attachment of the posterior sucker to a surface, a simultaneous con­traction of circular and relaxation of lon­gitudinal muscles occur, resulting in lengthening of the body. In this study, we examined the karyotypes of 38, 11 and 6 specimens of the three species Hirudinaria manillensis , Hirudinaria javanica , and a third distinct and different morphospecies, Hirudinaria sp. Transverse Section of Hirudinaria 3. There are seventeen pairs of nephridiopores lying on the ventral surface of the body, of which one pair lies on the last annulus of each of the segments from sixth to twenty-second.

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    The prostate chamber possesses thick muscular walls covered over with several layers of unicellular prostate glands. Middle dorsal line distinct, black, incontinuous, with two faint black stripes on each side. Digestive System 5. These secrete mucus in the crop. Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien Cross- fertilisation, preceded by copulation, is being effected. All four channels are joined to each other in the posterior region.

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    Taxon Locality no. The lateral channels run symmetrically one on each side of the alimentary canal. Spermatophores pass to the exterior through the penis.

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    The crop is thin-walled and ex­tends from 8 to 18 segments and produced into eleven pairs of lateral, blind pouches or caeca. The nephridia will remove the nitrogenous wastes of haemocoelomic fluid. In addition to this the clitellar glands will deposit albuminous fluid in the cocoon or ootheca. It is connected, on the one hand, with certain cells on both sides of the peripharyngeal connectives and, on the other, with multipolar ganglion cells, irregularly distributed over the entire alimentary nerve plexus. From the brain, peri-pharyngeal connectives one on either side of the pharynx arise and join a sub-pharyngeal ganglionic mass lying below the pharynx in the fifth segment, this is formed by fusion of four pairs of ganglia.

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    Characters Hirudinaria bpling Hirudinaria javanica Hirudinaria manillensis Hirudinaria sp. Gonopores separated by five annuli. Their secretion is dis­charged close to the mouth.

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    The initial lobe is a cord of cells and coiling the apical lobe joins the main lobe posteriorly. The spermatogonia float in the coelomic fluid within each testis-sac and develop into spermatozoa. They are not associated with testis. Its anterior end is swollen. The body wall consists of five layers, viz. Khong Chai, Kalasin: For parasitic mode of life, there are a number of adaptive features in it.

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    These are arranged in a line across the middle of each annulus of a segment. Bulletin of the Raffles Museum Respiratory System 9.

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