1. Знакомства Fesida says:

    Burba seems to be a complete success! My broodmare produced, for the first time, an OCD-free foal. I placed my order immediately, got the pellets in 2 days and began him on the 2 oz dose that day.

  1. Знакомства Zumuro says:

    Here I want to finish, in other case it will be too much information. I trotted him in hand and she couldn’t believe there is no sign of lameness. I was able to tell a difference within three days of her being on the product!

  1. Знакомства Vudomi says:

    It is understand here and there. I ran through two quarts of that with little to no results.

  1. Face-i osteocondroza Moogut says:

    The vet said this normally takes 3 screws and a 6 thousand dollar surgery to fix this kind of injury! It has been 6 months and no injections since starting the OCD Pellets.

  1. Face-i osteocondroza Bagor says:

    All orders will be processed and shipped on Tuesday May 27th, The trailer and runs take a toll on the joints and my vet suggested injecting every 3 months since she was being hauled hard. The mechanism of the approach Main treatment principles Main cause of the diseases People or robots?

  1. Face-i osteocondroza JoJot says:

    The last x-ray shows dramatic changes and all signs point to a complete resolution of the fracture. Andrew Alexandrovich to consult with him and do treatment by myself as he recommend. For this procedure, I use ampule water for injection diluted isotonic solution NaCL divided into two.

  1. Face-i osteocondroza Faular says:

    My thoroughbred mare suffered from an articular wing fracture in her coffin bone in March Beebe for being so very helpful on the phone with me.

  1. Знакомства Arashirisar says:

    I think you know, because you read these lines. The fracture is very long and near the joint and they didn't believe it would heal completely. He has OCD chips in both stifles and in December I was told maybe we can give him stall rest but can't remove ocds surgically. Put both the sea salt and the olive oil in a glass bottle and stir the mixture. I asked my vet what he thought and even though he replied with total skepticism "well, it couldn't hurt", I immediately placed an order. I will definitely be ordering again

  1. Face-i osteocondroza Shaktibei says:

    What a pleasant surprise! Anthem's now allowed 2 hours a day out with the other horses and he is beginning to run and play with no sign of lameness. So they said sit and wait. His tendons were not able to keep up with how fast he was growing and it was causing his fetlock to pop forward.

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