1. Знакомства Nezilkree says:

    Adriana Comanici, arh. Bruno Andre[oiu:

  1. Знакомства Saran says:

    Furthermore, the summer pavilion located at the back of the lot organically continues the diagonal section of the house. The attic was extended in order to become suitable for living, without altering the façade. He is invited to juries, competitions, receptions, conferences, exhibitions and offers of work.

  1. Знакомства Grozahn says:

    In she was awarded with the Romanian Cultural Order in the rank of Commander. Surprising and seemingly discomforting, the minaret does not have any windows.

  1. Sanatoriul din regiunea Moscova pentru tratamentul articula?iilor Tam says:

    Paradoxically, however, it is the area with the most representative Romanian architecture in terms of the sincerity with which it allows us to read the patterns of formation and development of vernacular forms. Here we have the best examples to test, if a test is still needed, that a national architecture does not exist beyond a speculative approach that seeks to popularize a set of particular vernacular manifestations, always selected based on subjective criteria and considered at one time to be the most representative manifestations of a much sought after and desired local identity.

  1. Sanatoriul din regiunea Moscova pentru tratamentul articula?iilor Meztishura says:

    This impression is given by its two primary volumes, one covered in stone and the other in wood, both surrounded by a generous garden that places the habitation outside the urban milieu. For this reason, any form of research that documents, maps or archives a built heritage of certain architectural and historic value — in this case a vernacular tradition that often finds itself under threat of extinction — is absolutely necessary. Excessive romanticizing and falling into an ideal picturesque do not offer the just measure of things, nor do they actively and creatively take part in what is actually important: Actul de de a sta jos impune o serie de cerinţe generale asupra situaţiei, ei, cclimei şi spaţiului în care are loc. Re-Act Now Studio, arh. The first three floors, where the lodgings are situated, are outlined in a thin black frame sepparating the white facades, full blocks of color, from the ground-floor — the reception area — surrounded in glass walls. Dan Enache, arh.

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